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Pinnacle International Education Services cherishes in being called the innovative pioneers in the consulting services we provide to the academic sector. It is found trendy to call oneself the “pioneers” but it is the “innovative” part that boosts our morale to cross the undrawn boundaries. We strongly believe in the fact that the academic sector, in the coming times would thrive on dynamism more than or equal to any sector that has the potential to create a major social impact. PIES provides customized, innovative, state of the art solutions to our partners in the educational sector. We intend to provide a parental shelter. Illustratively, for a shade to protect from rain or wind, we equip the shade to provide the apt refuge, we help build the shade & we even help to find a place to build the shade!.


It has been observed that the educational institutions in their venture fall into the vicious traps laid down by the commercial companies who are into the business of making money. Once a hype is created, against all ethics their ready made products or services are dumped on the institutions without much analyzing if it adds value or not. This escalates costs and when you deviate from your focus, the basic principles on which educational institutions work are jeopardized.

With our vast association with the sector, over a period of time, we have made our presence felt across schools, colleges & universities with strong roots in India, Middle East and have now set step in Europe too. Our exclusive interaction with the sector has equipped us with the knowledge & experience to provide customized services to our partners. Internal control review, staffing,identifying & implementing customer specific modules have become our forte. Owing to this, our agenda is to partner you to provide a “one stop shop” for all your needs in this noble venture that is “to educate”


We are one of the pioneers in providing educational services and overseas recruitment assistance, exclusively partnering International schools, colleges and universities. Strategically equipped to understand your needs & meet them with skill, commitment and efficiency. We fulfill the needs of an array of clients by providing the industry’s most talented professionals with companies who need their assistance. We deliver customized products of long-term worth. Trustworthiness apart, our efficiency in sourcing square pegs for square holes & round pegs for round ones, has won us accolades especially in recruitment of senior academic faculty members.

Last but not the least; we do agree that the business of business is to do business. And that thrives on profitability. Human resource management is the key factor to achieve that. With PIES, our human approach is what we pride on. We feel proud to have associated ourselves with the apt talent, service oriented staff and a team that shares our visions and values. We believe a soldier is as good as his weapons and so we leave no stone upturned to provide our team with state of the art tools.