International Students in UK

International students looking to pursue higher education in the UK must apply for a Student Visa and abide by these rules:

  • The length of stay in the UK would depend on the length of the course and what the applicant’s current qualification is.

  • International students will be allowed to extend their visa is they continue their studies in the UK, switch to a Student visa from another visa in case they are already in the UK or if they find a job after studying in the UK.

  • After receiving the UK Student Visa, the student must arrive in the UK before their course starts (up to one week before if the length of the course is 6 months or less; and up to one month before if the course is longer than 6 months).

  • Children or partners of the applicant may be allowed to come to the UK if the applicant is a full-time postgraduate student that lasts 9 months or longer; a Doctorate Extension Scheme student; or a new student sponsored by the government of the UK to study a course longer than 6 months.

  • The dependant should be a husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried partner, a child under 18 years old. The applicant will be required to provide evidence of the relationship.

  • Only those who already have permission to stay in the UK can switch to a Student Visa.

  • Students aged 16 or above are allowed to allowed part-time even if they are limited to participating in a course-related work placement.

  • Students who are allowed to work while studying can do so for maximum weekly hours in a term time and full-time outside term time.

  • Once the student has completed his/her course, they may work full-time, leave and re-enter the UK to work.

  • The new Graduate Route (opening for applications on July 1, 2021) will let international students who have completed their undergraduate or doctoral degree in the UK to work for up to two and three years respectively.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For A UK Student Visa

Only those who meet the following criteria can apply for a UK Student Visa:

  • Have been admitted to a course by a licensed student sponsor

  • Have proven that they have enough money to support themselves and pay for their course

  • Must be able to speak, read, write and understand English

  • If one is 16 or 17, then they must have consent from their parents.

Issues as a fresher at university

It may be about the discipline, rules embedded with the internal procedure, or anything else, you will be provided with answers for the uncountable amount of questions you have in mind at the moment you enter uni. You will make friends after participating in all the fresher’s activities. Your seniors will definitely be able to give advice about certain issues regarding internal disciplines as they are the perfect people who can understand your state of mind with the experiences they have. Sharing interesting stuff would be an easy way to move on with your friends-to-be. You should be yourself, not what others expect from you to hang on inside any university. Doing what you are uncomfortable with will not be a permanent solution for the problem of hanging on with a new crowd. Being free, and sociable is a good trick to make your entry to university a pleasant experience.

Duration Of Stay On A UK Student Visa

This would vary on the basis of the length of the course and what degree the applicant has already completed. If the student is 18 or above and the course is at degree level, he/she can stay in the UK for up to five years. In case it is below degree level, then he/she would be allowed to stay in the UK for up to two years.  

Can One Stay Longer in the UK ?

One can stay longer in the UK by:

  • Extending their visa if they are eligible, for instance, if they continue their studies in the UK.

  • Switching to a Student visa from another visa if they are already in the UK.